About Me

Hey. I’m Ant. I’m a software engineer / web developer, with a strong background in content management, accessibility and high performance web applications.

I built my first website in 1999, and took my first commercial client just a year later and haven’t looked back. Starting out with simple, flat HTML, brochure style websites, I progressed through more bespoke, dynamic sites using DHTML, SSI, frames (remember those?!), gradually moving into PHP and eventually .NET.

After a long stint as a freelance developer, I eventually moved to leafy Shropshire in 2013 to work with a CMS vendor supporting dozens of local government, NHS Trust, Police and Higher Education clients deliver great content in an efficient, easy and highly accessible way.

Since 2019, however, I’ve taken on a new challenge working in location data intelligence, providing high availability, high capacity and low latency location data API’s to tens of thousands of retail and other commercial customers across the globe.

Over the years, I’ve played around with a lot of different tech, but my current focus (and zone of comfort) is .NET (Framework, Core, 5+), Golang, Docker, Kubernetes, SQL, Redis, Elastic Search, with a liberal mix of other bits and pieces in amongst those (JS, HTML, CSS and many other acronyms). I’ve recently found myself eying Rust, too, but I simply don’t have enough time!

Outside of work, I split my time between learning game development (Unity and Unreal), exploring the world of 3D printing, playing guitar (poorly), and trying to get out camping as much as I can. I’m also in the middle of building a new guitar; I may put up a little blog post about that soon, so keep an eye out for that. Oh, and I’m a pretty big Sci-Fi geek, an even bigger Ghostbusters geek, and I quite enjoy watching football. I know, those things don’t usually go together.


So, if you’re here, you’re likely someone I know, lured here by a blog post, or looking for a developer. If you’re the latter, please note that I’m not looking for any new opportunities or contracts at the moment. However, I am open to small, flexible freelance projects that I’m able to fit in around my full time job. From consultancy to code wrangling; I’m happy to discuss your needs if you’re happy to be flexible.

Additionally; if you’re a non-profit organisation, or a small business trying to get yourself online – please do reach out, as I’m always keen to support charities and small businesses where I can.

The best way to contact me is via LinkedIn.

Please note, however; I’m not open to working with organisations related to gambling, illegal activities or that promote hate speech, conspiracy theories, discrimination or that target any particular social groups. Please save us both some time and look elsewhere. Thanks.